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Food Process Chemical Services

Third Party Plant Inspections

Our HACCP MANAGER-certified tech staff uses luminometer, micro-biological and analytical chemistry technology to test for:

  • Microbe contamination
  • Residual organic soil
  • Proper type of chemical usage
  • Overall cleaning performance

To ensure compliance with GMPs, SSOPs, & HACCPs.

We test for over-use of chemicals where chemical waste can be prevented.

We offer telemetry systems with on - line, real - time.

Client access to inventories.

Food Safety

Our HACCP MANAGER certified tech staff work in direct communication with your sanitation department to help prevent the burden of food-borne illnesses by:

  • Helping identify problem areas early
  • Reviewing health standards on a regular, on-going basis.
  • Communicating the importance of cleanliness and health practices of sanitarians.
  • Assisting in the develop of training and safety practices.
  • Technical assistance with design and fabrication of food contact equipment.
  • Development of protocols for cleaning, sanitizing and storage of food contact surfaces, equipment, utensils and cleaning gear.
  • Providing written C of A’s, in accordance with CFR standards, for all products supplied.

Writting SSOPs, HACCPs and Operations Manuals

Our technical staff works closely with processing managers to customize SSOP’s, HACCP’s and Operations Manuals to fit their objectives.