Our Philosophy


Argo fills a niche in the market by providing superior quality chemical products and related service in a more timely and dependable manner than the industry norm.  

We have established our dependability by carefully assessing our clients’ needs.  Our distribution department assesses whether deliveries can be made in the time frame required by the client and establishes agreed-upon delivery times from which we do not vary, unless notification, in advance, is made regarding unforeseen changes.

Our integrity is embodied in our commitment to keep the trust of our clients, vendors, employees and the community with the transmission of accurate information and actions which are an appropriate representation of our company and the community.  It is a valuable asset that creates our “distinct competence” in the market place.




Our History

Argo Chemical, Inc. manufactures, wholesales and retails industrial chemicals to industrial manufacturers, food processors, oil refineries, wineries, power generation facilities and a variety of other industries in Kern County and Central California.

The company has experienced steady growth since 1980. The company currently operates from two facilities, located in central California close to the intersection of freeways Interstate 58 and US 99, and freeway Interstate 5 and Hwy 58 to facilitate delivery of its chemical products to its regional markets.

For the convenience of our clients, Argo has always offered 24 hour, 365 day order processing and delivery for most types of urgent chemical requirements. In an ever-increasing cost-and-service-conscious marketplace, Argo Chemical responds quickly to the needs of our clients and customizes its services and product lines to assist them in streamlining and making their operations more efficient.


Our Mission


Argo's purpose and mission is to provide our clients with the highest possible value in product sales and related services.  We continually accomplish this objective with superior quality products and intuitive technical and product supply services.  

We conduct our business in accordance with the following values and governing principles.


Work Ethic:  Our work ethic is focused on meeting the needs of our customers so our customer’s concerns are the primary focus of everything we do at Argo. 

Our Employees:  Every Argo employee makes a commitment to responsible, quality care to assist in accomplishing our corporate mission.

Our Clients and Suppliers:  Our clients and suppliers are our lifetime partners with whom we produce mutually beneficial relationships.

Our Community:  We accept responsibility for adding economic value and structure to our community, and helping raise the quality of life for all of our citizens.


Integrity:  Integrity will never be compromised in any of our relationships with customers, co-workers, or suppliers.  Trust and confidence are essential to the growth of our business.

Continuous Improvement:  We strive for continuous improvement in consistent and superior performance, by any standard of measurement.

Growth and Profitability:  We operate our business in a progressive, profitable and competitive manner, to produce a proper return on investment.  This return guarantees the capital requirement for growth to meet the future needs of our customers, our marketplace and our community.